In The Cosmos

(reader’s beware: very dramatic and 4th wall will be broken)

Galaxies far far far away are about a couple million to a billion light-years away. The smart physics community discovered that light travels 3.00 x 10^8 meters in one second


(aka THE UNIVERSAL SPEED LIMIT) convert that over to days to years (3600 seconds in a day and 365 days in a year); so galaxies that are millions of light-years are about billion meters or miles (distances you mere mortals understand) away from the Earth. Light shoots out from ‘nearby’ galaxies having to travel across the dead, empty, and cold cosmos (or is it dead? Aliens… maybe? TBA).  Einstein’s Theory of Relativity discovered that time is relative across space. It’s dependent upon a person’s reference frame. Due to this…



The light hitting us is really in the past! (you’re thinking ‘WHAAAAA’) As time is not stagnant and moves along during the process of light traveling all those millions of light-years to us. It means the light is a piece of history of the galaxy it’s originally from (like a  slice of home in the sky).

Now meet my buddy Han Solo he will inform us and give a visualization of galaxies clusters (here come the meet and potatoes of the project hehehe)

han solo

Han Solo: Well, Hiya guys! Come join me in my intergalactic spaceship, The… *drum roll please* Millennium Falcon! Fancy, huh?

Chewbacca: *in chewbaccian language* Time to go!


Ahhhh, welcome to the cosmos! Every burst of light represents a galaxy. The galaxies forms clusters such as this one (happens during implosion and explosion of galaxies/stars formation) where the cluster moves together through space-time.

STSCI-HST-abell370_1797x2000Combing what we know now about Eintensin’s theory, light-year distance, and galaxy clusters we get- the effect of light-travel time! What phenomenon is this? Well as the light is traveling to us in the milky way during that time galaxy clusters move so the images we get are only projections in the past (as well 2D only, smh). Well my group of fantastic young lads is studying the effect light-travel time has on these projections.

My side of the project was  more a methods research. I took density profiles (which are representative of position) and velocity profiles as a function of radius and mapped them out. I took the 2D projections and made them 3D to give them to my superior Chief-Hack-Jedi Craig. I did this by building a program through python which runs just different equations and numbers to eventually spit out a beautiful graph in the end.

I had no background knowledge of the material as I came in young and fresh in the cut-throat game of computer programming . I was ripe pickening for the shark codes (deadly recurring nuisances in programming). I started off running my head into a brick wall with being stuck on one problem a day then progressively solving one only to stumble on an another. I was faced with do or death halfway through X-SIG as I wasn’t progressing as fast. What came next….

“I asked them to put me on… so they did put me on”- Drake. I asked for help from my fellow jedi around me (Hayden and Craig) and overcame the minuscule problems of the past. I progressed in my jedi training and quickly moving up the ranks. Where now I have a handle on python and am able to fix my own problems in the code.  I have now created over hundreds of lines codes and this brings me to end of my 8 weeks.AI

*An example of python code as it filled with many functions, loops, and more*

I used the density profiles of King Isothermal, Burkert Profile, N.F.W. Profile, Einasto Profile, Hernquist Profile. The velocity has two profile one based on Kepler’s Law and the other uniformed density so a function of one of the profiles above.

*Below is graph of Burkert Density profile and Uniformed Density Velocity (based on the same density except non normalized) this would be the output of my python code created *

Burkert profile N

Velocity Burkert nonN

I sat around wondering as my man Drake said “Is There More?”

*as I stood here thinking about the questions of life only one quote played in my head from the great Master-Chief-in-Hack-Jedi Johnson- the hack circle is an allegory of life*

milky way ring

Throughout the summer I was confuzzled (confused and puzzled combine) by this mystery quote. How can such a simple game represent life as a whole? Through the wisdom of the force, friends I have made, and memories 🙂 that will last a lifetime this summer- the answer is with me.

Just as in hack circle we accept and are open to anybody no matter where they came from, what they got on, or how they look. We just enjoy the hack as in bigger groups completing the faithful hack (everyone in the circle gets one touch on it) seemed to be too big of a goal. We instead shared laughs of each other mishaps in the circle or discussed over topics such as sports, politics, or about life while cracking and making jokes nevertheless. In the the group we never hung too much on the highs (as we celebrated but moved on) or too much on the lows (as we didn’t even give the thought a time in the day). It was said best when Simba got smacked in the head by the Rafiki (the monkey) in Lion King “The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it”. That’s what happen in the hack circle and that is what life is about. I will never forget Craig barefoot throws, or the ballerina esque Dr. Johnson’s roundhouse kick, or the Kevin Durant look of Hayden whenever he did a cool trick or save in the hack circle, my very own math logic 10 + 5 = 14 , and last but not least “vertically is key”. These memories I will always cherish in my heart.


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