Explicit Moving Particle Simulation Algorithm for Free Surface Flow Analysis

My name is Yuki Sugiyama and I work with Professor Sato and our research focuses on the explicit algorithm to analyze incompressible fluid flow with free surface. This research is a continuation of a research conducted at University of Tokyo in Japan. I mainly work to take the simulation code that they have written and modify it in different ways. One aspect I am working on is to rewrite the code in parallel programming so that the code runs across multiples GPUs, making the code more efficient. Unlike majority of the students who work in the lab to perform experiments, my research is mainly performed on the computer. As such, my average work day is work on my computer for couple hours, meet with the professor for an hour to discuss the progress of the research, and work on my computer for couple more hours to round out the day.  This schedule is has its pros and cons such that the free schedule allows me to work on the research at my convenience but on the flip side, the free schedule makes it easy to procrastinate and stay on task. The first week was especially difficult as I did not have a routine to follow so I often worked late at night. Summer at Gettysburg is much more quiet than the normal school year for obvious reasons, but there are a lot of construction happening which ruins the quiet environment. There are many hosted events that still make the campus enjoyable and, honestly, I enjoy summer at Gettysburg more than I enjoy the normal school year as I enjoy my personal space. Another difference that I was surprised about was the weather at Gettysburg. Growing up in California, I am used to a dry atmosphere a little bit of shade and water can make a high 90s temperature bearable. On the other hand, the summer at Gettysburg is ridiculously humid and temperature in the mid 70s can make sweat trickle down my body. Overall, I am enjoying my time here at Gettysburg College over the summer as it is giving me a new experience in terms of weather condition and research opportunity.


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